Jun 24, 2012

Radio Silence

Hello everyone, What has happened? Well, a lot. The reason I haven't been updating this blog for the past half year is that I haven't been really involved with Peasant Magic for the past half year. The reason for that, of course, is that I am now a father. At first I thought I would miss out on only a tournament or two, but as time went by, I realized I had more hobbies than a budding father could reasonably pursue (well, more than I could reasonably pursue anyway). When deciding what hobbies I wanted to keep, tournament Magic, and with it updating this blog, fell by the wayside. I have, however, heard, as of yet unconfirmed rumours that this site will be taken over by a new writer. I have always enjoyed chronicling our Peasant achievements, and even though it's for all the right reasons, saying a definitive goodbye to this blog would still sadden me, so let's hope these rumours are true! Sincerely, Hennink.