Jan 9, 2013

Banning Update 7: Don't Fret

First of all, we would like to state that we think the current metagame is healthy, perhaps even flourishing. Therefore this banning update will not remove a card from the pool, instead it will add one. As per 01-02-2013, Skeletal Scrying will be unbanned.

From the moment we assumed the role of Peasant Magic organisers in Groningen we have said we like the possibilities of the metagame as is, however, over the months we have entertained the idea of bringing back cards that do not seem so unbalanced in the current metagame. Long and plentiful discussion have led us to the conclusion that Skeletal Scrying was previously banned because of an archaic metagame. Back in those days, the card advantage brought by the Scrying was deemed too strong, which back then it was. In these days, however, the metagame has evolved and gained in power and finesse. Currently, Skeletal Scrying will not be too powerful anymore, or so we envision.

The unbanning of a card that is no longer a threat to the metagame results in a lean banlist and adds to the credibility and clarity of the format in general. We felt that Skeletal Scrying was the odd man out in the banlist and therefore needed to be removed from it.

Johan and Siebe