Nov 25, 2009


I haven't come around to posting the decklists of last month's top 6. Apologies for that. Amongst others I have been studying for a TMap Next Foundation exam which I aced yesterday (well, okay, I got 90% of the questions right, close enough right?). So, I'm really happy and with a little bit of luck I'll have some more free time in december.

Anyway, you read it right. A top 6, because only 6 players showed up. A lot of regulars couldn't make it, so we're hoping this is not a trend. A few regulars moved out (of Groningen) or quit magic though in the past half year, so we are looking for fresh blood (queue vampire jokes).

Though I don't have the decklists, I can give you a quick summary of the tournament. There were 4 Thopter Foundry decks. Two standard affinity builds, one wUB affinity build (with basic lands?), and one combo build with Ashnod's Altar. The other two decks were a Taïga deck and my own B/R aggro hand build (with Hymn to Tourach, Blightning, Chittering Rats, and Funeral Charm, and 3 Vampire Nighthawk and 2 Torrent of Souls).

We did get the chance to play 5 rounds by playing each opponent once. I lost, as expected, to Taïga. The deck is too aggressive for my 4 Vampire Lacerators and 4 Carnophage. I also lost 1-2 in a really awkard match vs the weird affinity Thopter Foundry deck. The last game was really awful. I muliganned and kept an opener with 1 land, a Dark Ritual and some quick beats. I subsequently drew nearly every mana source in my deck and imagine I would have lost even to a Homelands sealed deck with that draw. I handily defeated the other three Thopter builds though, gleefully bashing up on artifact land with my sideboarded Gorilla Shaman and disrupting their hand with just a little bit too much discard spells.

My deck, off the top of my head, looked something like this. It plays pretty well, and the Rakdos Carnarium means your light land count doesn't really matter, because you'll reach that magical 5 mana to cast that devastating Torrent of Souls anyway. That card is sick by the way!

Martijn Hennink - BR Hand
4th place (9 points)

4 Carnophage
4 Vampire Lacerator
4 Blind Creeper
4 Dauthi Slayer
4 Chittering Rats
3 Vampire Nighthawk (U)

4 Dark Ritual
4 Funeral Charm
4 Hymn to Tourach
4 Blightning
2 Torrent of Souls (U)

4 Rakdos Carnarium
13 Swamp
4 Teetering Peaks

SB: 4 Gorilla Shaman
SB: 4 Red Elemental Blast
SB: 3 Relic of Progenitus
SB: 2 Flaring Pain
SB: 2 Smash to Smithereens

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