Aug 14, 2012

No more radio silence! Peasant lives!

Hello everyone! The rumours are true, this site has been taken over by new writers. First of all: Hennink thank you for all this time maintaining this blog! We will try and make it shine as in the old days!

So new writers eh? Who are we? We are two avid Peasant players and have been from the start of Peasant in Groningen: Siebe van der Veer and Johan Rots. We will be successing Martijn Hennink and Maarten Jacobs as organizers of the Peasant magic competition in Groningen.

Why us? We saw the numbers of players attending Peasant tournaments declining and this got us worried. Now as we see ourselves among the more passionate Peasant players, we felt the need to step up and try to take care of that which we cherish. After deliberation with Maarten, we jointly decided to let the two of us give it a go.

What can you expect? We intend to update this blog regularly, with tournament results, decklists and the occasional food for thought concerning Peasant magic. With this we will try to bring you a reliable platform for this format.

Additionally, we left four Peasant decks at our local FNM store, De Purperen Draak. With these decks, available for everyone interested, we would like to attract new(er) Peasant magic players. These decks have a sideboard, so can also be used at tournaments. The decks are proactive, fun to play but still competitive. You can choose from a Green Red aggro deck with monsters and burn, a monoblack aggro control deck with discard and evasion, a Blue Red deck based on Burning Vengeance with graveyard utility and a White soldiers deck.

So if you get the chance go check them out at De Purperen Draak.

Hope to see you soon at a Peasant tournament or on this blog!

Siebe and Johan (Schepijs and Jester on the Magic in Groningen forum)


  1. Normally, I wouldn't comment, but thank you for taking over for this blog, which is the best of its kind internationally. Hope to see more of your tournament results soon!

  2. Thank you Siebe and Johan. I think it's awesome that you are taking over, and I'm relieved I don't have to shut this place down! I'll try to drop by on occasion in the future, if and when I can make time :-)

    @Anonymous: It's truly, like ear-to-ear-grin-worthy, awesome to get such a compliment. Thank you!

  3. there is a problem with the link, when you can try to correct it from to :D hello from a greek peasant player!

  4. awesome!

    How can i contact you in the Groningen forum? (Usernames?)

    1. Siebe is Schepijs on the Groningen forum.

  5. to start with the reborn blog, it would be great if you both could review the new Ravnica edition regarding the peasant metagame. (when the spoiler is completed: )

    I think there are some very interessting Peasant cards in this set.


  6. Hi there!

    I currently help run a Magic: the Gathering playgroup here in Honolulu, Hawaii and I'm considering using your group's banned list for all tournaments under the "Peasant Magic" format. Is there a way that I can contact you all directly if I have any subsequent questions? My e-mail address is listed below.

    I look forward to your reply.



    1. You can PM either Siebe (Schepijs) or Johan (Jester), or both I guess, on the Magic in Groningen forum which is linked to in the links section.

  7. I added Siebe and Johan's usernames to the post, fixed the link (thanks for noticing), and also updated the links section to the left while I was at it. Siebe told me they are planning to do a RtR review, I can't wait! I predict RtR will be loaded with all kinds of Peasant goodies!