Sep 16, 2012

Judgment Day!

#Loving all the positive vibes going on here!

Today is a big day, the final tournament of this year's budget league. We'll be playing three rounds of pauper and three rounds of peasant. This nicely reflects the setup of the past season, where we also played both formats.

I'm going to take a blue delver deck to the pauper rounds and for peasant I'll pick up our 'baby', our precious :P For us this deck tells the story of peasant, that you can create a tier 1 deck in this format by constant tuning, tweaking and testing. Our W/u blinkpost deck once started as W/G/U, then got red added, subsequently had green removed from it, red turned to black, black got removed, blue got tuned down until it was basically a white deck with mulldrifters :P I'm really pumped to play it again today and I hope to post the result with the deck that it deserves!

Decklists will follow suit!

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